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Willie Lee Kinard III

Selected by Sonia Sanchez as a finalist for the 2021 Boston Review Annual Poetry Contest

Lolita Stewart-White

Selected by Sonia Sanchez as a finalist for the 2021 Boston Review Annual Poetry Contest

Maya Marshall

An Abortion Ban

is a body snatcher,
is an ethnic cleansing.

The uterus is a cave,
is an incubator, is a vault,

is a self-destructing bomb,
is a thoroughfare.

Donia Elizabeth Allen

. . . I am
nott afrayde of swells

that lift mee
off my feet,

or of a strong

Kim Hyesoon Don Mee Choi

The therapist says,
Picture a bird in your mind
What kind of bird is it?

Kemi Alabi

our bloom game too strong / altar stays red candle cinnamon-lit
sweet flicker cracking into prance

Nijla Mu’min

“Just let me just lay here and do nothing
cause boss bitches get lonely too”

Day Heisinger-Nixon Poetry
Day Heisinger-Nixon

“Room, Room, Room, in the many Mansions of Eternal Glory for Thee and for Everyone” & “Publick Universal Friend Adopts a More Androgynous Appearance . . .”

Terrance Hayes

Remembering poets Lynda Hull and Michael S. Harper, with original portraits

Cheswayo Mphanza

Two white men carrying briefcases walk in on a congressional meeting held by African leaders dressed in Western attire. Clapping at the president who resembles Léopold Senghor. He uses words like “revolutionary” and “independence” and they garner an applause.