Congratulations to Yeoh Jo-Ann, whose story “Dog Tiger Horse” was selected by judge Ivelisse Rodriguez as the winner of the 2020 Aura Estrada Short Story Contest! About Yeoh’s winning story, Rodriguez writes:

In “Dog Tiger Horse,” Yeoh Jo-Ann sweeps us into the things that we will remember on sleepless nights, the what ifs of our lives, the way that humans break each other, those things left unsaid, and the secrets we carry. This is the kind of story that clutches at your throat and makes your heart race because you know a human collision is afoot. Yeoh targets the heart and never wavers.

Yeoh grew up in Malaysia and lives in Singapore, where she works in project management. In 2018 her first novel, Impractical Uses of Cake, won the Epigram Books Fiction Prize, one of Singapore’s top fiction prizes, and her short stories have been included in Singaporean anthologies such as Best Singaporean Short Stories: Volume Three. She is currently working on her second novel and a collection of short stories exploring the themes of modernity, food, and family in Southeast Asia.

Yeoh’s story will appears in our special winter arts issue, Ancestors. To be among the first to read it, order a copy! For a limited time, use the code “ARTS20” at checkout to receive 20% off and free domestic shipping.

Rodriguez also selected two finalists:

  • K-Ming Chang, “The Chorus of Dead Cousins”
  • Asale Angel-Ajani, “Will the Real Elian Gonzalez Please Stand Up”

As well, there were fourteen semifinalists:

  • Niyousha Bastani, “Lose Your Baggage”
  • Jessica Hudgins, “How It Was”
  • Aube Rey Lescure, “Border Town”
  • Ariel Katz, “Composition Book”
  • Frank Meola, “The Uncle”
  • Faraaz Mahomed, “Baghdad Baby”
  • Chika Onyenezi, “Njaba River”
  • E.C. Messer, “The Unseen Story”
  • Omobolaji Olofinnika, “The Last Voice”
  • Elena Ramirez-Gorski, “Deadwater”
  • Tyler Paterson, “Vulgar and Offensive”
  • Diana Chien, “Three Sisters”
  • David Schwartz, “My Father’s Remedy”
  • Flor Salcedo, “La Llorona Happenings”

Our contest honors Aura Estrada (1977–2007), a promising young Mexican writer and student and wife of the writer Francisco Goldman. Boston Review published several of her works. More on her life and writing can be found here.

Congratulations to Yeoh, as well as all the finalists and semifinalists! We’re grateful for the support of everyone who entered!