From essays on the past and present of abolition democracy to debates around Black study and the responsibility of Black intellectuals, Boston Review has long been committed to furthering the conversation on racial capitalism and why it must be overturned. “Boston Review really provides one of the major forums for these ideas to be debated with seriousness and subtlety,” regular contributor Brandon Terry noted in our Black Lives Matter event. “There are not many publications that can match their commitment to publishing Black thinkers and giving space to Black liberation.”

Indeed, when we relaunched our print format in 2017, it was with Race Capitalism Justice as our first issue. This signaled how seriously Boston Review takes the Black Radical Tradition. No matter our format, we will always be deeply committed to asking what justice would look like if it took seriously the history of racial oppression

Race Capitalism Justice has been sold out in print for almost four years, but we were thrilled to recently rerelease it as an e-book. And to celebrate Black History Month, we are giving it free to all new newsletter subscribers. Sign up below to get access to your copy!