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Marshall Steinbaum

The University of Virginia has long been a bastion of white supremacy and white supremacy–validating scholarship.

Bethany Moreton

A controversial new book traces how the anti-democratic projects of the Jim Crow South evolved into an economic theory still championed by the GOP today.

Richard V. Reeves

Focusing on the top 1 percent is a mistake. The real class divide is between the upper middle class and the rest of America.

Paul Hockenos

Refugee scholars in Europe face tremendous obstacles. Now some universities are trying to change that.

Protestors in front of a government building holding large light-up letters that spell out "higher ed not debt."
Marshall Steinbaum

Two new books argue that the student debt crisis is a media myth. But they ignore the exploitation of disadvantaged students by for-profit colleges.

Jo Guldi

Mentorship is how the humanities justify themselves.

Eleanor Hildebrandt

Schools in Nepal increasingly use English as the language of instruction. But in the name of preparing them for a globalized world, non-mother-tongue education often fails the students it aims to help.

Anne Fausto-Sterling

Many young children become obsessed with gender. How do we know which are trans?

Karléh Wilson

Yale’s president can't make something less racist by fiat.

Sarah Hill

A tribute to one of the century’s great anthropologists and teachers.