Articles in class & inequality tagged with history

Nan Enstad

Business schools fetishize entrepreneurial innovation, but their most prominent heroes succeeded because they manipulated corporate law, not because of personal brilliance.

Julian C. Chambliss

Mar-a-Lago is the apotheosis of the Florida Dream in which wealthy interests degrade the environment and hollow out prospects for the poor. But as Hurricane Irma shows, this dream was never sustainable.

Jo Guldi

Mentorship is how the humanities justify themselves.

Karléh Wilson

Yale’s president can't make something less racist by fiat.

Ronald Aronson

Among the casualties of neoliberalism is the very possibility of solidarity.

Peter James Hudson

Recent histories of slavery and capitalism ignore radical black scholarship.

Sarah Hill

A tribute to one of the century’s great anthropologists and teachers.

Sekou Franklin

Half a century on, we need to recommit ourselves to correcting the conditions that undergirded the civil unrest of the 1960s. 

Claude S. Fischer

The instability of the white working class.

Robert C. Hockett

For centuries, governments have used eminent domain to override dysfunctional contract or property arrangements.