Articles in class & inequality tagged with neoliberalism

Suresh Naidu

They can give up free-market orthodoxy, but still can’t bring themselves to embrace labor.

economist hour review
Marshall Steinbaum
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Joshua Cohen

We live in a world made by neoliberalism, with its hostility to equality and democracy. It is time to stop.

felicia wong new conomics
Felicia Wong

How a revolution in economics has led to a new kind of politics.

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Benjamin Soskis

The Apple Carnegie Library embodies recent developments in philanthropy that should trouble us: the uncritical valorization of philanthro-capitalism and the privatization of public goods and public spaces.

Lebron on Puerto Rico
Marisol LeBrón

In the 1990s, Puerto Rico showed Washington how militarized policing and privatization can extract profits from poor people of color.

J. W. Mason

In the neoliberal project, state power is needed to enforce market relations. But because democratic politics can demand broader economic planning, the site of that power must be hidden from politics.


Samuel Moyn

The critique of identity politics ignores the role that neoliberalism and neoconservatism have played in creating our present situation.

Dani Rodrik

As we heap scorn on neoliberalism, we risk throwing out some of its most useful ideas.

Kristin Bumiller

Looking beyond the symbolic crisis to the realities of Title IX implementation.