lord it is not your silence that bulldozes but promiscuous thunder
            not for one only, the pillar of cold butter     the paper crown and infinite tokens
land that i will show you     sayeth the billboard to the highway
            each prophet turned to the other and said     what was the question?
the house I built with my teeth is     become your sandcastle     blessed
            is he who dashes his head on the wall     a newborn child
my heart is no boombox    though I shoulder it from beach to beach
            though its lo-fi speaker bleats     a phoned-in vulgate of your sickest jams
volume lower than the lowest of the earth     lord of waves therefore
            end this lip-to-lip service     these remixed messages
in the school yard we put out with a fire-extinguisher that fire
who was a boy, who said your name before he started screaming
hear us O lord and shut your fucking mouth     you who have given
            your word to every mother like a business card
like sunlight     a child in every town     we are not asking for the moon