As early as possible, we cross the border.
It's illegal. We look both ways.
The reason, not clear, is to cross for security's sake, say
marriage, margaritas, money, or food.

I patted the horse in the dark.
I said, it's some kind of test, boy, for both of us.
Go slow, because all we're trying to do
is exchange the moons.

The eagles ditch their toenails in the zoos.
The rattlesnake circles itself like a mango seed.
Your hands grab atyourself for shelter.
Car radios pass car radios singing out
honeymoon accents.

I'm watching an illegal crossing nearby,
It's stealing one shoe of a pair.
I used to think I owned the Hedge in The Garden
that kept me there.

Even if you get a free pass
Your feet will go flat from punctures.
Look. Wind flirting with dust. Incompatible.
And the doves want more doves and more crackers.

The invention of governments led us to these endless parties
celebrating broken borders.
Marriages, entombments, graduations.
Over three thousand borders a day invade us!

At least I've still got the horse
who thinks he belongs to Roy Rodgers
because I sing so sweet at the sunsets
each time we watch that movie.