what was it this
morning : you said

redgrass glistens
in surf : the pine

board fence collapsed
along the line : after

the storm a kestrel
in headwind : sand

accumulates on your
feet : puckered seal

skin : the salt-washed
flesh : wreckage towing

upshore : when the
gulls came out I saw

them circling in air :
saw them pecking

seals’ eyes from
torn skin : a boy

downstrand rolling
in dunes : I could see

the stomach’s red
wall : the small hairs

on its flippers : blubber
wretched by shark

bite from the belly’s
swell : later seen

from a dune : black
water : fish spit

pooling : mouth open
enough to see teeth

trailing in sand : his lips
limp : there in

the storm’s wake
I wanted something

to say : the ocean
scraped his insides clean