It is both a luxury and a hazard to feel
threatened by the invisible.
 —Eula Biss

There’s something in the water in the hand cream the over-the-counter vitamins the FDA has not required labeling doesn’t understand the toxic microbes in the genetically engineered tomatoes in the plastic that your food comes wrapped in the ink on the packaging the gum on the sticker on the apple the unclean facilities where the spinach is chopped and bagged the lowering standards of organic yogurt it’s in the plastic on the baby mattress and the bottles and sippy cups the fabric your kids’ clothes are made of if you shop at Target forget about it unless you buy local organic small farm handmade in the U.S.A. if you even consider buying any kind of meat or dairy if you have your own garden be careful of chemical runoff bird shit can cause salmonella a raw diet will cleanse the bowels but may contain toxins unless cooked to 150 degrees at which point nutrients are lost try to find natural supplements and antioxidants you may harvest wild berries that have not been touched by bears or deer which carry bacteria on their tongues remember not to rinse in tap water or allow to touch plastic of any kind if it sits too long it is susceptible to airborne bacteria but the bacteria in the refrigerator is worse ideally eat the food flash-cooked immediately after it has been picked if you are sure your hands are clean.