Fell asleep watching TNG
dreamed Captain Jean-Luc Picard was my boyfriend
he was standing up for me 
when I woke a great feeling of sadness 

I heard somewhere that in Ancient Times folks believed the voice inside their heads (their
conscience? consciousness? homunculus?) was god/s

“Taking responsibility for what is going on inside of us gives us hope”

The feeling you were wrong about a lover is not unlike the feeling of eating too much

Try bringing your attention to the spot behind your ears

Reconciling Schuyler’s tender lines
with his psychosis
“like grass light on flesh”

Who had the bright idea of burying the dead?
lawns stuffed with corpses
“before 1831 America had no cemeteries”
google: “transcendentalists were fascinated by cemeteries”
find: “The Evolution of Cemeteries: From Family Plots to Facebook”

just let me burn