Dear crown, dear brain cradle
Me down days down: bladder
Of burrs, limed fur head song—
Is alive, gauze sighted—
Hum humming mindlessly
From collapsed circuitry

From collapsed circuitry
Mindlessly stuttering
Gloves above in police
Lights bloodied: is alive,
Surfaced like a sleeper
Falling at a mirror

Falling at a mirror
Mouth agape visitor
Friend, shame laced: pageantry
From collapsed circuitry
Flowering mindlessly:
Eyes open but empty

Eyes open but empty
Entirely, turning
Mindless out of collapsed
Circuitry: is alive,
Breathing chlorine: what world
Underneath: turn, return

Underneath: turn, return
Maudlin caller father
Is alive: circuitry
Stitched airport burial tics
Overhead: whiter blue

Overhead, whiter blue
Under new weather: eyes
Leaking on the green park
People: head lamp cock loose
Mindlessly suddenly
Black swallows winter leaves

Black swallows, winter leaves
Lightening down days down:
Blank animal, warm sleeve
Enter me not like talk
Lord mindless like a poem:
Dear crown dear brain cradle