Word-sculpting Coolidge

A gust, cups, clouds, amethyst, buckweed
burns like sun nervous
& ready for the beach,
till the ceiling falls

in bed maybe the smoke
oven, clear light
walls cave in
comets to blame
deep suffering
mundane shock

make it right,
come on,
correct things,
sob story

tattered tape
try not to slobber
rice crackers and cakes
helmet? hornet's nest?
boats snap braincase loose
s-e-e  p-i-e  m-e-l-t-i-n-g

lineaments of fire
head closing in
due to silence
we stayed together
though quite worn
through and bundled

blow things up
like wacky adhesive
dried in drive-through shakes,
silence brings unwanted guests,
someone blow it up
or bring on brewskies

in a hunch the streets outside
burst & slim down to a point

golden source
your cusp a corpse,
I will tell you what to do:
pull surface moisture from skin,
your grotesque sweating soul,
nothing but strong daylight

fist on the centipede
latent death
black gleam salt slug
rosy featured
grass as a pointer
all from one hand

limited desk
before the metal starts flying
dull, cowards
no way I know to survive
blood in the vortex
fixed on futurity

see the bone twist before it falls
eyes growing darker
hard lived lessons
voice gone scratchy
blizzard coming

bullets whiz
brightness bombs
whittles sympathy.