In honor of National Poetry Month, we publish one poem every day in April, plus extra features weekly. Below is a record of the poems, updated daily:

April 1 – Max Ritvo, Three Poems
April 2 – Alyssa Moore, "[I Had Three Wishes]"
April 3 – Rae Armantrout, "Nonesuch"
April 4 – Alan Gilbert, "Bent to the Line"
April 5 – Diana Khoi Nguyen, "Overture"
April 6 – Ariana Reines, Eight Poems
April 7 – Phillip B. Williams, "Maskot #1: 'They sure do love them some black pain.'"
April 8 – Jillian Weise, Two Poems
April 9 – Stephen Dobyns, "Parable: Horse"
April 10 – Luis Chaves translated by Julia Guez and Samantha Zighelboim, Two Poems
April 11 – Dorothea Lasky, "If you can't trust the monitors"
April 12 – Jeff Hipsher, Three Poems
April 13 – Li Shangyin, Four Poems (trans. Chloe Garcia Roberts)
April 14 – Emily Skillings, "Bay"
April 15 – Christopher Soto, Two Poems
April 16 – Elizabeth Macklin, "BEDAZZLED IN AINEZALANDIAN"
April 17 – Billy Cancel, Four Poems
April 18 – Lightsey Darst, Four Poems
April 19 – Justin Phillip Reed, "THE PERSONAL ANIMAL"
April 20 – Lara Mimosa Montes, Two Poems
April 21 – Robert Ostrom, "Cemetery Love"
April 22 – Lisha Adela García, "Art of Severance"
April 23 – Meena Alexander, "Crossroad"
April 24 – Jennifer Givhan, Two Poems
April 25 – Trace Peterson, "NO ONE COULD SEE THE VAST CROWD"
April 26 – Michelle Dominique Burk, "Poem with Newness and Sugar Babies"
April 27 – Deborah Paredez, "Self-Portrait in Stone and Flesh"
April 28 – A. H. Jerriod Avant, "Ode to a Pronoun"
April 29 – Kerry Carnhan, "Wulf and Eadwacer/Daylight Is Our Evidence"
April 30 – Francisco Urondo, "The Plain Truth" (trans. Julia Leverone)

Plus poetry, agency, and activism under Trumpan interview with Ann Lauterbacha lyric essay about rumors and ghosts, and an abstract on whiteness.

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