& for Robert DeNiro

I was the young psychopath Travis Bickle 
In Taxi Driver, and I am now the aging guy, 
Middle-aged gangster, hair-combed-back 

Jimmy Conway in GoodFellas. DeNiro 
Not pretty, not the Brando, not James Dean, 
But DeNiro who gets the fucking guy job done. 

DeNiro's aging mobster maturity keeps guys 
Like me going now. American guys, tough 
Guys, guys afraid of the world and women 

And their place in both. Guys ready 
To jack some serious jaw if it comes 
To that, guys ready to go to jail if jail 

Is preceded by doing the right guy thing. 
Guys coming up through the ranks, 
The hard way, guys who don't like dinner 

Parties but do like to sit down and eat 
Like animals. Like pigs. Like a dog 
Guys, guys who don't put much store 

In houses, guys who dream only of cars always. 
In typical disguise, guys tough on the outside 
And guys who are always mush and shit 

And "Stella!" inside their guy. Inside me, 
I see now, is a pantheon of American film boys, 
But none so real and solid as the DeNiro guy. 

He the one who represents us in France, 
Inside, in everywhere-else-in-the-world; he our 
American guy, up through the ranks, 

Did it the hard way, American guy guy.