You know, I understand politics, and I’m not paying
            attention to politics.
You see, when people have more of their own money,
            they tend to spend it.
I mean, it was good enough in January of '01.

You know, Saddam Hussein—hopefully, he realizes we’re serious.
See, the strategic view of America changed after
            September the 11th.
I mean, Japan, Russia, China, South Korea.

You know, the world looks at us and says, they’re strong.
See, we believe in freedom,
Heidi. I mean, Holly.

This business about, you know, more time — you know,
            how much time do we need?
See, we’ve got some big problems in this country.
I mean, we couldn’t —

You know, I understand the politics of economic stimulus.
You see, I like to remind people, government
            can hand out money, but it can’t put love
                        into people’s hearts.
I mean, that’s a problem.

You know, what do we know after September the 11th?
See, it is a capital-intensive business.
I mean, this is a plan to encourage growth, focusing on jobs.

You know, they just don’t value life like we do.
See, in this country, we say every life matters.
I mean, we’re great at what we do.

You know, I’m hopeful we won’t have to go to war.
See, in this country, we say everybody is precious,
            everybody counts, everybody has got values.
I mean, the idea is that we want to help people. That’s what
            we ought to do in America.