Articles in race tagged with law-and-justice

Garrett Felber Bayard Bustin police abolition
Garrett Felber

Prison and police abolition were key to the thinking of many midcentury civil rights activists. Understanding why can help us ask for change in our own time.

Melvin Rogers Minneapolis George Floyd
Melvin Rogers

The rage on display in Minneapolis is not only about police violence. It is also about the country’s utter disregard for the pain of black Americans.

Elizabeth Hinton Minneapolis George Floyd Martin Luther King
Elizabeth Hinton

A proper understanding of urban rebellion depends on our ability to interpret it not as a wave of criminality, but as political violence.

clarence thomas
Joshua Cohen Corey Robin

Joshua Cohen and Corey Robin discuss the black nationalism at the heart of Thomas’s conservative jurisprudence—and what it means for those on the left who often dismiss the justice’s use of race. 

baldwin buckley boston review
Robert L. Tsai

A new book explores how William F. Buckley, Jr., and James Baldwin came to share a stage in 1965 and what their debate over black inequality reveals about the modern conservative movement. 

1619 boston review 2
David Walsh

The New York Times’s new 1619 Project argues fiercely for a new understanding of what it means to believe in America—and it is cracking the very foundations of conservatism.

Robin McDowell Revilletown Axiall
Robin McDowell

In Revilletown, which was founded by freed slaves, a petrochemical company has seized ownership of an ancestral cemetery. But an attack on the dead is an attack on the living.

Oliver lynching memorial feature
Liza Oliver

Two attractions in Alabama—the new national lynching memorial and the First Confederate White House—show a nation struggling to contend with its legacy of racial violence.

Tsai birthright citizenship feature
Robert L. Tsai

The Fourteenth Amendment was shaped by freed blacks’ insistence that everyone born in the United States deserved full citizenship.

Ruha Benjamin

Second chances are the currency of white supremacy. To be white is to colonize the afterlife.