Drones are probably killing someone right now

Donald Trump starting from where the shaft and crura meet, and continuing down along the sides of the vestibule, where there are two bundles of erectile tissue called the bulbs of the vestibule, I.

The bulbs, along with the whole clitoris (glans, shaft, crura), become firm and filled with blood during sexual arousal, as do the walls of the vagina where I also.

Donald Trump with my urinary opening I.

Donald Trump vaginal coronas come in widely varying sizes and shapes. For most women they stretch easily—by a tampon, as well as a finger, a penis, or a dildo.

Donald Trump if you’re comfortable doing so, slowly put a finger or two inside your vagina. Those are your vaginal walls. If it hurts or if you have trouble, take a deep breath and relax. You may be pushing at an awkward angle, your vagina may be dry, or you may be unconsciously tensing the muscles owing to fear or discomfort. Try shifting positions and using a lubricant such as olive or almond oil (don’t use a perfumed oil or lotion that could cause irritation).

Vulva modeled upon the exchanging of property. 

Vulva devising a torture system to sell to the CIA for 81 million dollars.

Vulva of the prison industrial system vulva of water boarding vulva according to the new logics of global capitalism vulva of disposable populations I.

Vulva fight relentlessly to end exploitation and oppression everywhere, also on your reviled point, vulva.

Donald Trump notice how your vaginal walls, which are touching each other, spread around and hug your fingers.

Feel the soft folds of mucous membrane. These folds allow the vagina to stretch and to mold itself around whatever is inside, including fingers, a tampon, a penis, a dildo, or your baby during childbirth.

ExxonMobil with my vaginal walls I.

ExxonMobil with my vaginal and my cervical discharge.

Monsanto and ExxonMobil about a third of the way up from my vaginal opening, on the anterior wall of the vagina, in an area known as the Gräfenberg spot, or G-spot.

Monsanto and ExxonMobil push gently against the walls of your vagina, and notice where the walls feel particularly sensitive to touch. This sensitivity may occur only in the area closest to the vaginal opening, or in most or all of the vagina and I.

Drones are probably killing someone right now

Donald Trump my fornix is the thin wall of mucous membrane and connective tissue that separates my vagina from my rectum.

Donald Trump you may be able to feel bumps on the back side of my vagina if I have some stool in my rectum.

ExxonMobil slide your middle finger as far back into your vagina as you can. Notice that your finger goes in toward the small of your back at an angle, not straight up the middle of your body. If you were standing, your vagina would be at about a 45-degree angle to the floor.

With your finger you may be able to just feel the deep end of your vagina, or the fornix.

Donald Trump not everyone can reach this— it may help if you bring your knees and chest closer together so your finger can slide in farther.

ExxonMobil a little before the end of your vagina you can feel your cervix.

Donald Trump your cervix feels like a nose with a small dimple in its center. The cervix (from the Latin cervix uteri, meaning “neck of the womb”) is the part of the uterus that extends into your vagina where I.

ExxonMobil the entrance is very small. Normally, only menstrual fluid leaving the uterus, or seminal fluid entering the uterus, passes through the cervix that I.

No tampon, finger, dildo, or penis can go up through my cervix, although it is capable of expanding enormously for a baby during labor and birth.

Vulva, rows of teeth at our jugular.

Vulva, the warmth of your breath, the smell of your blood.

Vulva, ask me about when it.

Vulva, it irritated me that he should force a nasty little brat like me to understand.

Vulva, I could not risk learning.

Vulva, my grubby little hands dangled at my sides.

Vulva, you were unattainable.

Vulva, I became the immensity of calm, the elimination of the, the joining of the, the rapture at the, the death of the, the loss in the face of the.

Drones are probably killing someone right now

Vulva, look at something you doesn’t understand for a long time, and it will change you. 

Hyper-awareness I— Monsanto.

Monsanto my anus, which you pass through.

Monsanto my anus, from which you emerge new into the world.

Monsanto—the immeasurable kindness of my anus.

When you do a self-examination, make sure you have enough time and privacy to feel relaxed.

ExxonMobil try squatting on the floor and putting a hand-mirror between your feet.

ExxonMobil if you’re uncomfortable in that position, sit as far forward on the edge of a chair as you comfortably can, separate your legs, and place the mirror between them.

ExxonMobil you give me the oil to make the bright blue plastic frame around the hand-mirror that I squat over.

The bleached wood pulp, and the cotton that makes the tampon which I.

ExxonMobil you give me the plastic wrap around the tampon that I.

Donald Trump if you’re having a hard time seeing, try aiming a flashlight at your genitals, or aiming a flashlight at the mirror that you are squatting over. 

Donald Trump squat. Shine the light. Look into the mirror.

Monsanto look so far up inside that you can see your own heart, beating yourself to death.

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Vulva, pulverizes her sweetness, and feeds it to her children.

Drones are probably killing someone right now