Articles in science & nature tagged with environment-and-climate

Madison Condon

Huge investors like BlackRock are forcing corporations to take action on emissions. But what does their power mean for democracy?

Troy Vettese

In a world unraveled by COVID-19, the brutality of factory farming demands we rethink our relationship to animals.

Dayton Martindale

Rereleased this year in a single volume, Kim Stanley Robinson’s trilogy Three Californias imagines three possible futures for the world writ large through the lens of Orange County, California.

Sunaura Taylor

Nineteenth-century reformers understood the deep connections between public health and environmental protection. That's why struggles for Medicare for All and a Green New Deal are two sides of the same coin.

David Michaels

By using a variety of ploys to manufacture doubt, a whole industry of science-for-hire experts helps corporations put profits over public health and safety.

Troy Vettese

On the lure of climate entrepreneurism.

Gianpaolo Baiocchi

What Brazilian conservatives gain by letting the Amazon burn.

anthropocene and the end of liberalism
Geoff Mann

The Anthropocene challenges liberalism’s vision of permanent progress. So why has it become another technocratic tool of liberal bureaucracy?

Troy Vettese

Beneath the jargon, a new UN report serves up a revolutionary response to climate change.

melancholia bonnie honig boston review
Bonnie Honig

In the face of climate apocalypse, the rich have been devising escape plans. What happens when they opt out of democratic preparation for emergencies?