It’s possible to keep a secret
Eat a piece of fruit every minute

Of the day for example keep a bag of raisins
Hidden nearby or really listen

To music like a cryptographer
Sucking blood from a mysterious word

My daughter’s word for music
Is munitz if that’s the way to spell it

She keeps saying it until I turn it on
My Bonnie lies over the ocean is another song

That eludes me I’m not used to the feel
Of saltwater sloshing in my ears

It’s true when my father spied for the CIA
His cover name sounded fake

It was Victor T. Redvane I just failed to keep
That secret there's no need

To pretend a counter-revolution really came
And my body still lies over the Bay

Of Pigs it’s hard to know if a threat is real
Inside the shell of my daughter's ear

A tick recently injected the soft skin
I tweezed the tick and put it in

A jar as evidence just in case
We were watched from outer space