Inside the whale, it is as if 
you have always been inside a whale, 
as if there is only inside the whale. 
It is as if there was before the whale 
and now. And in now
you will always be inside a whale. . . .

Inside the whale, you do not understand 
why you are inside a whale. It is even difficult 
to determine it is a whale. You may recall 
the sea, and the ship, and going over the side, 
but the whale you never saw. (Q: What is 
the hardest angle for identifying whales? 
A: From inside the whale.)

From inside the whale, you cannot guide 
the whale. A whale will do as a whale will do. 
You may throw your body to one side 
or another to try to steer the whale; 
you may attempt to use the power 
of your mind to influence the whale. 
Your mind is of a greater capacity 
than the whale’s mind, but again, 
a whale will do what a whale will do. . . .

When inside the whale, it is best to be 
inside the whale. Do what you are inside 
the whale to do. Of course, you may use 
only what was with you when thrown overboard. 
No one packs to go inside the whale. 
However, you should not try 
to agitate the whale. It doesn’t help 
if the whale ejects you too far from shore. 
Unfortunately, you have forgotten about shore 
and think there is only inside the whale.

When you find yourself inside a whale, 
meditate and rehearse journeys to 
outside the whale. Know these 
are skills that must be rehearsed 
before needed. Practice the pitch 
in his tenuous rumble, taste the acid 
of his gentle lurp. Consider the feel 
of baleen brushing against skin, 
and the way his rough tongue reopens 
your atrophied, unremembered eyes.