Walter B. hurled a plum at his congregants, looked unsure, and began his sermon.“I stand before you today because I am secretly . . .” He paused, sat down on the pulpit, and unwrapped a second plum. His congregants flinched. Walter B. took a bite. Beatrice sat in the second row. She drew a pond on her lunchbag. Beside the pond she drew a nurse, and beside the nurse, on the wet ground, he drew a plum. And leaning over the plum she drew Walter B. “I stand before you today,” resumed Walter B., “because I am secretly . . .” Beatrice considered drawing a shed, but would there be ramifications? Perhaps too many. With each bite Walter B. seemed closer to the pit. Nevertheless Beatrice felt brave. She drew the shed, and as she drew her small dark mouth opened a slice. “Like a plum,” whispered one congregant to another. The conger- gants flinched. Capturing a scene was beginning to feel more difficult than Beatrice had imagined. In order for Walter B. to look like a real Walter B., she would need to draw action. Should Walter B. move closer to the shed? Was the plum dis- tracting? “Because I am secretly . . .” resumed Walter B. He rocked back and forth. He coughed. He took another bite. The congregants were beginning to drift off to sleep. How could he put this, he wondered. In order for Walter B. to look like a real Walter B. he would need a purpose. Maybe the nurse is lost. Maybe there is something about the nurse Walter B. likes. Something to do with the way she is eerily staring into the pond. And where is Beatrice, wondered Beatrice. She is in the shed. There would be ramifications. In order for Walter B. to look like a real Walter B. he would need to approach the nurse and speak to her until one thing led to another. “I stand before you today . . .,” resumed Walter B., but how could he go on? How could he go on without hurting Beatrice? Poor plum- less Beatrice with no one to talk to but the chickens in the shed. But there were no chickens. Which was why, when the sermon was over, and the congregants gathered around to study the drawing they agreed unanimously that the scene was not believable.