It is easier on the body
If the body wears a garment
Made for
Ephemeral posterity
It is easier
To put lipstick on a chair
Because I want the chair to kiss me
My body is the wind passing through
You are my partial element of lust:
Fire  water
These liquid things between heat & thirst
Delirium in the 5th element
The wine bottle is a troublemaker
It wants to fuck its bursting volcano
Down the throat
Of my wineglass
I am not saying that the wine bottle makes a terrible dildo
I am not saying you should live without five moons
I am windy and the windows are howling
Not shaking nor trembling
Not quietly shattering 
Like me
I like to know that
I am beautiful
When there is a clarinet
In clarity
When there is a blow dryer
Inside my rebirth canal
When there is an ambush
Of kisses along my neckline
When I least expect them
Though not secretly
From you
I am surrender
I am sound
I am etui and ennui
I am sandwich and sand
I am an exit  and an entrance sign for desire & satire
When you slip your hand   your body
Out of me
And, really, who are you?
If not an infinity pool without the feminine
Between rubber and rubbish
Between rubies and raspberries
Between rum and rice
Between rural and residential
Between rasping and grasping