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Haroon Moghul

Haroon Moghul is a fellow at the New America Foundation and Fordham Law School, where he focuses on national security and emerging geopolitical trends. A doctoral candidate at Columbia University, he is Associate Editor for Religion Dispatches and author of The Order of Light.


The kinds of sacred spaces we worked for are not just possible; they exist. On the other side of the planet. Under occupation.

Haroon Moghul

The streets of Istanbul are alive with democratic politics—not dramatic upheaval.

Wajahat Ali, Haroon Moghul

Whereas Christians know Jesus as the son of God, Muslims know him simply as the son of Mary.

Haroon Moghul

Forum Responses

Long before “Je suis Charlie,” “nous sommes tous Américains.” In college, I thought I’d become a lawyer. On more courageous days, I dreamt of studying Czech and teaching in some lovely, out-of-the-way...
Haroon Moghul