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Alejandro Albarrán Polanco

Alejandro Albarrán Polanco was born in Mexico City in 1985. He has published three collections of poetry, Ruido (Bonobos, 2012), Tengo un pulmón que no es el cielo (FETA, La Ceibita, 2014), and Persona fea y ridícula (FETA, 2017). He is a founding editor of the press Canón Accidental, co-director of the radio program Radio Rara, and is also a musician and conceptual artist who works with textual, visual, and sound poetry. His performances, installations, and artist’s books have been featured in numerous contemporary art exhibitions.  

polanco Poetry

Something’s coming, I know that something is coming. Perhaps a storm or a class of birdmen with cassocks, but something, a fistful of fists, a grain of salt on the tongue, is going to come.

Alejandro Albarrán Polanco