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Amy Kapczynski

Amy Kapczynski is Professor of Law at Yale, cofounder of the Law and Political Economy blog, and codirector of Yale’s Global Health Justice Partnership.


Instead of pouring public funds into private industry—as the United States did with COVID-19 vaccines—we must build public capacity and prioritize public objectives.

Amy Kapczynski, Christopher Morten, Reshma Ramachandran

If we are to emerge from this era of crisis, we need legal thinking that operates on fundamentally different presumptions.

Jedediah Britton-Purdy, Amy Kapczynski, David Singh Grewal

The right response to COVID-19 is to rebuild our economy from the ground up, putting people to work in a massive jobs program to secure the public health of all.

Amy Kapczynski, Gregg Gonsalves

Claims that the cure is worse than the disease rely on a false tradeoff between human needs and the economy.

Gregg Gonsalves, Amy Kapczynski

Decades of neoliberal austerity will make it harder to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. We must rebuild our social safety net and forge a New Deal for public health.

Amy Kapczynski, Gregg Gonsalves

A new, neoliberal interpretation of the First Amendment is undermining the regulatory state—and every labeling and advertising law is now in the crosshairs.

Amy Kapczynski

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