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Assaf Sharon

Assaf Sharon teaches philosophy at Tel Aviv University. He is co-chairman of Molad: The Center for the Renewal of Israeli Democracy.


In Israel and Palestine, two states are still better than one.

Assaf Sharon

The militarization of Jewish supremacism in Israel.

Assaf Sharon
The conflict doesn't need more architects.
Assaf Sharon

A Palestinian peacemaker gives up on politics.

Avner Inbar, Assaf Sharon


Liberal democracy requires that we banish religion from politics.

Assaf Sharon, Avishai Margalit

Forum Responses

Our dispute with Michael Walzer is not a dispute between impatient militants and a moderate sellout. It is also not a dispute about religion. We agree that religious revivalism is bad and...
Assaf Sharon, Avishai Margalit
Jeff McMahan proposes a right to selective conscientious objection based on revisionist just war theory. I share his position on the proper treatment of selective objection, but I’m not convinced that his...
Assaf Sharon

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