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Carmen Giménez Smith

Carmen Giménez Smith is the author of a memoir, Bring Down the Little Birds, four poetry collections— Milk and Filth, Goodbye, Flicker, The City She Was, and Odalisque in Pieces. Milk and Filth was a finalist for the NBCC Award in Poetry. She is the recipient of a 2011 American Book Award, the 2011 Juniper Prize for Poetry, and a 2011-2012 fellowship in creative nonfiction from the Howard Foundation. A CantoMundo Fellow and formerly a Teaching-Writing Fellow at the Iowa Writers' Workshop, she is the editor-in-chief of the literary journal Puerto del Sol and the publisher of Noemi Press.
sampler1 Poetry

The future is not guaranteed. Raquel Salas Rivera's poems remind us that the peril is greater for some than others.

Raquel Salas Rivera Carmen Giménez Smith
Carmen Giménez Smith
Carmen Giménez Smith
Lynn Melnick Carmen Giménez Smith
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Carmen Giménez Smith