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Elizabeth Shakman Hurd

Elizabeth Shakman Hurd teaches and writes on the politics of religion, U.S. foreign relations, and the global politics of the Middle East at Northwestern University, where she is professor of politics. Her most recent book is Beyond Religious Freedom: The New Global Politics of Religion (Princeton, 2015).


A proposed French bill says so. But, strictly speaking, there can be no such thing as blasphemy within the terms of secular public order.

Elizabeth Shakman Hurd Nadia Marzouki
trump king

Trump v. Hawaii is not about religion. It’s about the president’s unlimited power at the border.

Elizabeth Shakman Hurd

Calling the nations subjected to the ban Muslim is sloppy, misguided, and dangerous.

Elizabeth Shakman Hurd

Democratic forces persist amid brutal regime violence and sectarian conflict.

Elizabeth Shakman Hurd

Disband the International Commission on Religious Freedom

Elizabeth Shakman Hurd