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Frances Fox Piven

Forum Responses

I endorse Jody Heymann’s program. I especially appreciate her concern with the caretaking work on which family well-being depends. It is a concern not much heard on the Left, with the consequence...
Frances Fox Piven
I‘m sure everyone in this conversation agrees that the growth of unions and the revival of our older cities make sense as steps to reverse sharply increasing inequalities. These are not new...
Frances Fox Piven
I agree that the left needs an agenda in tune with postindustrial problems and possibilities. But I am troubled by some parts of Dick Flacks’ argument. Flacks says that earlier left models...
Frances Fox Piven
Nancy Fraser wants to enlist us in thinking about political possibilities that leap beyond the current debate about welfare reform (Boston Review, February/March 1994). She considers alternatives for the sweeping reconstruction of...
Frances Fox Piven

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