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Omar Cáceres

Omar Cáceres (1904–1943) was a cult figure in the Chilean avant-garde. He published one book of poetry, Defense of the Idol (1934), with an introduction by Vicente Huidobro, of which only two copies survived after Cáceres tried to burn the entire print run upon publication due to the edition's numerous typos. He had ties with the Communist Party, and according to poet Jorge Teillier, played the violin in an orchestra of the blind. He was murdered by unknown assailants in 1943.

caceres2 Poetry

With my heart, pounding on you, oh unlimited shadow,
I feed the unmitigated brio of these engravings—lasting;
escaping from his life, I think, the one who leaves cleanses the world,
and so is inclined to reflect its sweetly terrestrial image.

Omar Cáceres