We cross over an age’s anarchic gyre, we
Get emotional.  We blink.  What are you
Trying to prove sidewalk?  Devoid of the me
That has warned you in bright lights, without

A trace of plausible explanation, we go
Together, take a very hot bath.  Without you,
I am a bundle of sensations.  Oxygen,
Overalls, this pair of rubber boots.  We are

Now in the refrigerator, getting warmer
With our breath.  Listen, you just could not
Go any further with the me, valiant comrade
To this stillness that passes.  I don’t want to

“Grow” anymore.  I just want to sit here
And bathe in our light that blinds, and sing
Songs about rivers or stars.  Plump as a
Lamb, the universe, you and I, in it.