Cloud of Mexico Pork
Too easy to laugh at the list of trigger words
In the Analyst’s Security Binder as revealed
By a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit. 

A website smirks at Mexico & Pork & Cloud
Amid Al Quaeda (all spellings), Hazmat,
Enriched, Interstate, Nitrate and Phishing

Delicious, unkosher, dark, vague, the Cloud
Of Mexico Pork threatens our borders.
Experts will improve the list, the logarithms,

Adapting meanings to effective analysis beyond
Effective and affectiveAdopt and adapt.
Surveillance—French for watching over

Preceded the apprehension of who became
The Disappeared. Their infant children, adopted
Were raised by Intelligence Officers as their own.

If I were a contemporary poet I’d make
A poem consisting entirely of that list.
Random, Shale. Repurposed, Information.