Forum XXVI (Spring 2023)

Is equal opportunity enough? This issue explores the importance of outcomes, not just opportunities. Part of our Opportunity after Neoliberalism series.

Forum XXV (Winter 2023)

This collection of poetry, stories, and essays engages speculation as both a ubiquitous feature of capitalism and a radical tool of collective imagination.

Forum XXIV (Fall 2022)

This issue explores a range of radical visions for a world after neoliberalism and empire, centered on movements in the Global South.

Forum XXII (Spring 2022)

This issue argues that law is inseparable from politics, exploring the meaning of the law beyond the Constitution and the courts.

Forum XXI (Winter 2022)

This arts anthology explores whether and how we can repair the terrible ruptures of political and social life today.

Forum XX (Fall 2021)

From climate change to the pandemic, uncertainty looms large over our public and personal lives. Eleven thinkers consider its scientific, philosophic, economic, and emotional aspects, and make clear that uncertainty need not be paralyzing.

Forum XVIII (Spring 2021)

Reckoning with AI’s threats to work, democracy, and justice, this issue asks what can be done to redirect AI for the good of everyone.

Forum XVII (Winter 2021)

Editors’ Note Alexis Pauline Gumbs, Adam McGee, Ed Pavlić, & Ivelisse Rodriguez ORIGINS Achal Prabhala, Binyavanga Wainaina Celebrated writer Binyavanga Wainaina’s first piece of fiction was thought to be lost. Recently rediscovered, it appears here twenty-five years after it originally debuted. Read More Duana Fullwiley Home DNA ancestry kits include no ancestors, instead comparing customers […]