Forum XXIV (Fall 2022)

What does a just world look like? This volume begins with a planet beset by accumulating crises—environmental, social, and political—and imagines how we can move beyond them. Guest edited by Adom Getachew. 

Forum XXIII (Summer 2022)

Efforts to green the economy and distribute wealth more equitably often sound like a program for joyless lives: make do with less and give up your pleasures. But what if “post-growth living” could be an opportunity for greater pleasure, not less?

Forum XXII (Spring 2022)

Going beyond constitutional jurisprudence as conventionally understood, some of today’s top legal experts consider the ways that legal thinking has bolstered—rather than corrected—injustice.

Forum XXI (Winter 2022)

Our new arts anthology explores whether and how we can repair from terrible ruptures, life-threatening illnesses and pandemic, toxic politics, racist horrors, and more.

Forum XX (Fall 2021)

From climate change to the pandemic, uncertainty looms large over our public and personal lives. Eleven thinkers consider its scientific, philosophic, economic, and emotional aspects, and make clear that uncertainty need not be paralyzing.

Forum XIX (Summer 2021)

Public Purpose makes a compelling case for industrial policy—what it is, and why we need it now. Addressing investment, innovation, supply chains, and growth, it provides a robust vision of a renewed industrial policy, and what it can offer the US economy in the face of climate change and a global pandemic.

Forum XVIII (Spring 2021)

Redesigning AI Artificial intelligence will not create superintelligence anytime soon. But it is already making huge advances—revolutionizing medicine and transport, transforming jobs and markets, and reshaping the fabric of social life. At the same time, the promises of AI have been increasingly overshadowed by its perils, from automation and disinformation to powerful new forms of […]

Forum XVII (Winter 2021)

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Ancestors   CONTENTS     Editors’ Note Alexis Pauline Gumbs, Adam McGee, Ed Pavlić, & Ivelisse Rodriguez     ORIGINS Binguni! // Fiction Binyavanga Wainaina, introduced by Achal Prabhala DNA and Our Twenty-First-Century Ancestors // Essay Duana Fullwiley Two Poems Kyoko Uchida The Millions // Essay Deborah Taffa Two Poems Diamond Forde Meditations on Lines […]

Forum XVI (Fall 2020)


Despite decades of activism and scientific consensus about the perils of climate change, our economies remain deeply dependent on fossil fuels. How are we to meet the challenge of global warming before it is too late? Climate Action asks what we must do to begin realizing a green future today.

2020 Supplement


Thinking in a Pandemic: The Crisis of Science and Policy in the Age of COVID-19   Nearly a year after the first cases of COVID-19 were detected in late 2019, the brutal toll of the coronavirus pandemic continues to rise. The result has been not just a crisis of public health but also a crisis […]