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Forum I (Winter 2017)

Race Capitalism Justice

Walter Johnson, Harvard historian and author of the acclaimed River of Dark Dreams, urges us to embrace a vision of justice attentive to the history of slavery—not through the lens of human rights, but instead through an honest accounting of how slavery was the foundation of capitalism, a legacy that continues to afflict people of color and the poor. Inspired by Cedric J. Robinson’s work on racial capitalism, as well as Black Lives Matter and its forebears—including the black radical tradition, the Black Panthers, South African anti-apartheid struggles, and organized labor—contributors to this volume offer a critical handbook to racial justice in the age of Trump.



Robin D. G. Kelley

A critique that anticipated the political currents of contemporary America.

Essays and Poetry

Robin D. G. Kelley

Surveying Trumpland with Cedric Robinson

Reginald Dwayne Betts
But for is always game.
A man can be murdered 
twice, but for science, 
his body a pool of blood 
Daniel Borzutzky

Lake Michigan, Scene 22

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Dawn Lundy Martin

From Good Stock / Strange Blood

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Chris Nealon
There are no meadows in the mind of the oppressed.

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