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Forum II (Spring 2017)

Work Inequality Basic Income

Technology and the loss of manufacturing jobs have many worried about future mass unemployment. It is in this context that basic income—a government cash grant given unconditionally to all—has gained support from a surprising range of advocates, from Silicon Valley to labor. Our contributors explore basic income’s merits, not only as a salve for financial precarity, but as a path toward racial justice and equality. Others, more skeptical, see danger in a basic income designed without attention to workers’ power and the quality of work. Together they offer a nuanced debate about what it will take to tackle inequality and what kind of future we should aim to create.


Brishen Rogers
Each week, another magazine, book, or think tank sketches a dystopian near-future in which automation renders workers unnecessary. Is a basic income the solution?
David McDermott Hughes
A rural town in Spain gives us a glimpse into the challenges we will face in a workless future.
Peter Kellman, Ed Bruno, James Gray Pope
Unions are being strangled by laws that block workers from organizing, striking, and acting in solidarity. Becoming a rights-based movement is the only way to save labor.
David Stein

Coretta Scott King saw economic precarity as not just a side effect of racial subjugation, but as central to its functioning.


Ammiel Alcalay

From Imperial Abhorrences (and Other Abominations)

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Jen Fitzgerald

Glossary of Terms

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Jill Magi


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Jen Fitzgerald


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Rodrigo Toscano

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