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Forum VII (Summer 2018)

Once and Future Feminist

From the breast pump to freezing women’s eggs, new technologies have long promised to “liberate” women, but the results are often uneven, freeing some women while worsening the oppression of others. Once and Future Feminist explores the intersection of feminism and tech with guest editor Merve Emre. The collection explores the advantages and disadvantages technology offers feminism from all angles: sexual, biological, economic, and political. In the age of Silicon Valley, these issues are more pressing than ever, and this collection pushes readers to consider not only whether emancipatory feminism is possible today, but also what it might look like.



Editors' Note
Deborah Chasman and Joshua Cohen




All Reproduction Is Assisted
Merve Emre
Sophie Lewis
The Violence of the Natural
Annie Menzel
Neoliberal Perfectionism
Chris Kaposy
Be Wary of the Techno-fix
Marcy Darnovsky
Suspending (Feminist) Judgment
Irina Aristarkhova
Feminist Paradoxes
Diane Tober
Selling Hope
Miriam Zoll
Extreme Pregnancy
Andrea Long Chu
A Right to Reproduce
Merve Emre





Every Woman Is a Working Woman
Silvia Federici interviewed by Jill Richards
Going to Work in Mommy's Basement
Sarah Sharma
Aging into Feminism
James Chappel
A History of Cyborg Sex, 2018–73
Cathy O'Neil
When Gays Wanted to Liberate Children
Michael Bronski

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