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Forum VIII (Fall 2018)

Evil Empire

“All history,” writes Maximillian Alvarez in his contribution to this issue, “is the history of empire—a bid for control of that greatest expanse of territory, the past.” Evil Empire confronts these histories head-on, exploring the motivations, consequences, and surprising resiliency of empire and its narratives. Contributors grapple with the economic, technological, racial, and rhetorical elements of U.S. power and show how the effects are far-reaching and, in many ways, self-defeating. Drawing on a range of disciplines—from political science to science fiction—our authors approach the theme with imagination and urgency, animated by the desire to strengthen the fight for a better future. Purchase your copy today.

Check out the Table of Contents below, and purchase your copy here.





Editors' Note
Deborah Chasman and Joshua Cohen



The End of the End of History
Maximillian Alvarez
Banking on the Cold War
Nikhil Pal Singh
The Welfare World
Adom Getachew
The Absurd Apocalypse
Arundhati Roy interviewed by Avni Sejpal
What White Supremacists Know
Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz
The Sources of U.S. Conduct
Stuart Schrader
Puerto Rico's War on Its Poor
Marisol LeBrón
Empire's Racketeers
Pankaj Mishra interviewed by Wajahat Ali
Intellectuals Against Noticing
Jeanne Morefield
The Burden of Being Good
Michael Kimmage
Quantifying Love
Frank Pasquale
Monsters vs. Empire
Mark Bould
Appendix 15, Number 2. The Agent Probii Exploration
Yuri Herrera, translated by Lisa Dillman

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