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Forum XII (Fall 2019)


Through original poetry, fiction, and cultural criticism from renowned writers and newcomers, Allies will offer indispensable insights into issues of trust, bridge-building, difference, and betrayal. Drawing on the prophetic power of the imagination to conjure both the possible dangers and life-giving possibilities of alliances—be they political, private (such as marriage), therapeutic, or even aesthetic (between readers and writers, for example)— Allies will be indispensable reading for our times.


Check out the Table of Contents below, and purchase your copy here.




Editors’ Note
Adam McGee, Ed Pavlić, and Evie Shockley




Sagit Emet, translated by Yaron Regev
To the Fordham
Samuel R. Delany
When the Climate Changed
Samuel R. Delany
All We Remember Will Be Forgotten
JR Fenn
Mother, Grow My Baby
Sabrina Helen Li
Chapati Recipe
Noel Cheruto
Say Somthing
Tananarive Due




Christopher Kempf
From The Kindreds
Meredith Stricker
From Mass Extinction
Sarah Vap
At the Gates, Mikhail Makes Me a Feast of Rain and Dirt
Hazem Fahmy
Three Poems
C. X. Hua
Against Travel: A Collaboration
Rachel Levitsky & Suzanne Goldenberg
Activation Instructions // Untitled 3D Poem
Amy Sara Carroll
‘Alams from the Black Horse Prison, Tripoli, Circa 1981
Khaled Mattawa
A Request
Tess Liem




Another Way to Love This World
Abdellah Taïa, translated by Amanda DeMarco
Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore
A Brief History of the Social Justice Ally
Micki McElya
The Privilege of the Ally
Rigoberto González
The Historian and the Revolutionary
Walter Johnson & Tef Poe interviewed by Mordecai Lyon
Solidarity Through Poetry
Mark Nowak
“We Cannot Be the Same After the Siege”
Roderick Ferguson
Ally: From Noun to Verb
Vijay Iyer interviewed by Robin D. G. Kelley

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