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July/August 2008

After Prison

After Prison: Bruce Western on reentry; Mary Fainsod Katzenstein and Mary Lyndon Shanley on incarcerated fathers; Robert Perkinson on the history of the prison boom. Andrew Bacevich on the boken pentagon; Elias Khoury on justice in Palestine.

Marjorie Perloff on Vladimir Mayakovsky; Charles Bernstein reviews Alan Filreis; poems by John Koethe and Allan Peterson.

After Prison

Bruce Western
No Further Harm
Mary Fainsod Katzenstein and Mary Lyndon Shanley
Guarded Hope
Robert Perkinson



State of the Nation: Electricity and Elections
Stephen Ansolabehere
Outside the Big Box: Who speaks for today's small businesses?
Nicole D. Kazee, Michael Lipsky, and Cathie Jo Martin
Response to Outside the Big Box
Todd O. McCracken
Bolt from the Blue: The promise and problems of Obama's faith-based plan
Lew Daly
Fault Lines: Inside Rumsfeld's Pentagon
Andrew J. Bacevich
The Gunslinger: John Bolton's Surrender is Not an Option
Stephen J. Stedman
The Mirror: Imagining justice in Palestine
Elias Khoury
We Laughed, We Cried: Flann O'Brien's triumph
Roger Boylan



Danielle Lazarin


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