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October/November 2003

What makes schools work? With Richard D. Kahlenberg, Bernard Wasow, William A. Galston, Richard J. Murnane, Reg Weaver, Joseph P. Viteritti, Amy Hanauer, and Deborah Meier. Noam Chomsky on the Bush administration’s imperial grand strategy; Juan Cole on the Iraqi Shiites; Duncan Kennedy on the dangerous mix of economic and military goals in Iraq; James K. Galbraith on JFK and Vietnam; Martha C. Nussbaum on Bernard Williams. George Scialabba reviews Bill McKibben; Carl Elliot reviews Edward Tenner. Poetry by Karen Volkman, Carl Phillips, and Richard Howard. Alan A. Stone on Sweet Sixteen and Raising Victor Vargas.


October/November 1997

Debate on Randall Forsberg’s “Toward the End of War,” with responses by Robert Borosage, Edward Luttwak, Carl Kaysen, Bruce Russett, Rep. Ronald Dellums, and others. Also: Susan Moller Okin’s “Is Multiculturalism Bad for Women?” with responses by Homi Bhabha, Bonnie Honig, Will Kymlicka, Katha Pollitt, and others. Plus Alan Stone on the Waco Disaster, and Allen Orr on the latest sociobiology. Plus fiction, poetry, book reviews and much more.


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