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Forum X (Spring 2019)

Lead essayist Donna Murch writes that, “historically, the division between ‘dope’ and medicine was the race and class of users.” By using the concept of “racial capitalism” to examine the opioid crisis alongside the War on Drugs, Murch brings an otherwise familiar story into new territory. To understand the twisted logic that created the divergent responses to drug use—succor and sympathy for white users, prison and expulsion for people of color—Murch shows how a racialized regime of drug prohibitions led Purdue Pharma to market OxyContin specifically to whites.

Forum IX (Winter 2019)

“Rural spaces,” writes Elizabeth Catte, author of What You Are Getting Wrong About Appalachia, “are often thought of as places absent of things, from people of color to modern amenities to radical politics. The truth, as usual, is more complicated.”


With activists, historians, and political scientists as guides, Left Elsewhere explores the radical politics of rural America—its past, its priorities, and its moral commitments—that mainstream progressives overlook. This volume shows how these communities are fighting, and winning, some of the left’s biggest battles. From novel health care initiatives in the face of the opioid crisis to living wages for teachers, these struggles do not fall neatly into the “puny language,” as Rev. William Barber says, of Democrat or Republican. Instead they help us rethink the rural–urban opposition at the heart of U.S. politics. The future of the left, this collection argues, could be found elsewhere.

January/February 1993

"A Debate on the New Party" with Joel Rogers, responses by Robert L. Borosage, Steven J. Rosenstone, and Jerry Watts. Also: "On the Responsibility of Intellectuals": a forum with Cornel West, Anthony Appiah, Henry Louis Gates, bell hooks, and others. Plus fiction, poetry, book reviews and much more.

March/April 1993

"Reinventing American Democracy": a forum with Ellen S. Miller, Ralph Nader, and Cass R. Sunstein. Also: Edward Field on "The Mystery of Alfred Chester," and Vivian Rothstein's "Notes from Vietnam." Plus fiction, poetry, Farah Jasmine Griffith on "Elaine Brown's Taste of Power" and much more.

Summer 1993

Roundtable discussion: "After the Cold War: The North/South Divide," with Eqbal Ahmad, Jagat Metha, Alan K. Henrikson, Randall Forsberg; includes an interview with Ambassador Olara Otunnu by Joshua Cohen. Also: Mickey Davis on legal imperialism, and Alan Stone on The Crying Game. Plus fiction, poetry, book reviews and much more.

October/November 1993

"The New Face of Unions": A discussion with Kris Rondeau, Joel Rogers, Charles Sabel and others. Also: Neil Gordon on the undeserved obscurity of John Fante's life and art, Mitchell Kapor's essay "Democracy and the New Information Highway," and Alan Stone on The Story Of Qiu Ju. Plus fiction, poetry, book reviews and much more.

December 1993 / January 1994

"Humanitarian Intervention" with Noam Chomsky, Christopher Hitchens, Diane F. Orentlicher, Carl Conetta, Charles Knight, and Robert Leavitt. Also: Vivian Rothstein asks "Is There a Right to be Homeless?" and Alan Stone on Un Coeur en Hiver. Plus fiction, poetry, reader's forum, book reviews and much more.

February/March 1994

A debate: "Do Black Intellectuals have Special Obligations?" Glenn Loury laments "The Poverty of Reason," and Nancy Fraser discusses "Reinventing the Welfare State." Also: Rabia Ali and Lawrence Lifschlutz interview Ivo Banac in "The Last Days of Bosnia?" Svetlana Boym investigates Russian advertising in "A Strange Hybrid," and Alan Stone on The Piano. Plus fiction, poetry, book reviews and much more.

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