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Once and Future Feminist
Summer 2018
Print: 15.95
Digital: 12.99

What can technology do for feminism?

Almost fifty years ago, Shulamith Firestone imagined it could liberate women from the work of reproduction—so long as it was conceived as part of a cultural revolution. This collection casts a critical eye on the promises and the perils, asking not just whether an emancipatory feminism is possible today, but also what it might look like.

Contributors: Merve Emre leads a forum with Sophie Lewis, Annie Menzel, Chris Kaposy, Marcy Darnovsky, Irina Aristarkhova, Diane Tober, Miriam Zoll, and Andrea Long Chu, plus Silvia Federici in conversation with Jill Richards, Sarah Sharma, James Chappel, Cathy O’Neil, and Michael Bronski.

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