Reviving the Radical King

“Forget the dream, he called for a revolution.” An MLK Day reading list on how his radicalism was erased.

20 Years of the War on Terror

“9/11 unleashed a particularly virulent strain of the impulse to believe that some among us are less than human.”

Food for Thought

Our best essays on food and eating from the past forty-six years! From a food anthropologist’s early love affair with Chinese cuisine to the farmers’ protests in India, the pieces in this list consider food from political, cultural, and economic perspectives.

Archival Essays for Juneteenth

“It is a commonplace to say that slavery ‘dehumanized’ enslaved people, but to do so is misleading, harmful, and worth resisting.”

Toward Trans Liberation

“Queerness is not a vertical identity. It hopscotches across communities, blessing only some of us.”

Israel’s War on Palestine

Contrary to Israeli claims of self-defense in response to acts of terrorism, the current crisis reflects decades of brutal Israeli occupation in Gaza and the West Bank.

Why Democracy Needs…

Privacy. Women. Archives. No Cops. Practice. Losers. And more in today’s reading list.

Rawls at 100

Happy birthday, John Rawls! We celebrate the political philosopher’s centenary, as well as the 50th anniversary of the publication of “A Theory of Justice.” 

Black History in Three Acts

The story of how Black people confront systems of racial capitalism and plot world liberation. A reading list from Robin D. G. Kelley.