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Tag: Drones

Madiha Tahir

Drone attacks were sold to the American people as a way to limit U.S. involvement in Pakistan. In reality, U.S. empire has only continued to exert influence.

Atiya Husain

From drone strikes to counterinsurgency efforts, the work of the late historian Nasser Hussain highlights the importance of understanding the mechanics of the War on Terror, not just its effects.

Atiya Husain
At a moment when the call to abolish police and prisons is louder than ever, we should also demand an end to counterterrorism, which functions largely to ensnare people of color.
Beenish Ahmed

A Pakistani family demands acknowledgment of their grandmother's death.

Nasser Hussain

“The drones were terrifying. The buzz of a distant propeller is a constant reminder of imminent death."

Wajahat Ali

Ambassador Akbar Ahmed discusses the findings of his research into U.S. drone attacks in Pakistan and their effects on the region.

Jonathan Hafetz

Two new books by investigative journalists reveal how the United States relies on drones to make up for its lack of coherent policy in the war on terrorism.

Faiza Patel, Elizabeth Goitein

President Obama’s speech on counterterrorism strategy fell short on substance.

David Luban
The President, Drones, and Just War Theory
Richard Falk

Our Failure to Regulate Drone Warfare