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african american lit
Farah Jasmine Griffin

“In a season of unimaginable death, my students emerged as visionaries. I hope to live to see the world they create." 

Adam Kotsko

How can we “make the case” to a society that doesn’t have ears to hear it?

Angus Deaton Joshua Cohen

Boston Review talks with Nobel Prize-winning economist Angus Deaton about COVID-19, the relationship between culture, financial hardship, and health, and why capitalism’s flaws are proving fatal for America’s working class. 

R. H. Lossin Andy Battle

Technological changes threaten the interests of students and teachers alike.

Christopher J. Lee

Faculty voices must be heard as decisions are made about reopening.

Jeffrey Aaron Snyder

Besides overturning the very structure of higher education virtually overnight, COVID-19 will also accelerate a number of troubling longer-term trends—including less public funding and a migration of courses online.

Lelac Almagor

Accountability is important. But tests that tie school funding to student performance only make things worse.

Joel Christensen

Many revere Latin as the soul of Western civilization. But its beauty should not keep us from reckoning with its history.

Shannon Ross College Prison
Shannon Ross

One man’s struggle to earn a degree while incarcerated shows how far tough-on-crime policies go to prevent prisoners from having a second chance.

Richard Ford

A judge has ruled in favor of Harvard in a high-profile case about affirmative action. But recent admissions scandals all point to a deeper problem—the presumption that elitism could ever be democratized.