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Tag: Education

Marcia Angell

Relationships between academic institutions and biotechnology companies create conflicts of interest that undermine the goals of academic medicine and harm the public.

Christopher Newfield

Institutional reform is no match for pervasive structural inequality.

Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor

Michelle Obama’s new book reduces racial inequality to a matter of psychological impairment that can be overcome through grit and grin.

Robin D. G. Kelley

The university is not an engine of social transformation. Activism is.

Marshall Steinbaum

The University of Virginia has long been a bastion of white supremacy and white supremacy–validating scholarship.

Richard Ford

A judge has ruled in favor of Harvard in a high-profile case about affirmative action. The deeper problem is the presumption that elitism could ever be democratized.

Todd Wolfson, Astra Taylor

Astra Taylor talks with Rutgers faculty union president Todd Wolfson about organizing academic communities in the age of COVID-19.

Anne McDonough, Oluchi Mbonu, Daniel E. Ho

How faculty retirement policies shape racial and gender diversity on campus.

Agnes Callard

Two new books take aim at the moral failures of meritocracy. But we can advocate for a more just society without giving up on merit.

Marshall Steinbaum

When higher education is a prerequisite for getting a job that pays better than minimum wage, we cannot stop until it is free and accessible to all. The good news is we have done this once before.