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Jonathan Beecher Field Got Shakespeare
Jonathan Beecher Field

When conservatives declare the death of the English major, they highlight the need for the critical thinking skills that English departments excel at teaching.

Loomis Hagerman White Kids
Erik Loomis

Sixty-five years after Brown v. Board of Education, U.S. schools remain largely segregated. This matters not only because white and black students experience very different educational outcomes, but also because school is where children form many of their ideas about race and privilege.

Sam writing on window SFI 2011
Samuel Bowles Joshua Cohen

The postwar generation understood why a prosperous working class is crucial to the economy. Can economics be accessible again to ordinary Americans?

Joseph J. Fischel

Debate over Title IX affirmative consent standards has assumed that consent is the best basis for a feminist sexual politics. But what if it isn’t?

michelle obama becoming criticism
Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor

Michelle Obama’s new book reduces racial inequality to a matter of psychological impairment that can be overcome through grit and grin.

Teachers with Guns Boston Review
Thomas Baxter

What happens when a school district votes to arm teachers? A Rust Belt educator takes us through the grim realities of training to kill one of his own students.

Dzur Boyte Teaching Citizenship
Albert W. Dzur

Education’s most important job is to teach students to take an active role in their democracy, starting in their own communities.

Jack David Eller

Few democracies require children to make a daily declaration of fealty to country.

Henry A. Giroux

Striking teachers and student activists have a common enemy.