Articles tagged with fiction

Chung Pyun City of Ash and Red
Jae Won Chung

Hye-young Pyun’s surreal, violent novels reject stereotypes about Korean women’s writing, taking up global themes of environmental collapse and the loneliness of city life.

Marta Figlerowicz

Novelist Olga Tokarczuk, winner of the Booker International Prize, presents a multicultural Poland, to the ire of the Polish far-right.

Herselman Hattingh

2018 Aura Estrada Short Story Contest winner selected by Viet Thanh Nguyen.

Boston Review

Congratulations to Herselman Hattingh

JR Fenn

Once I learned of the existence of mothers, I decided to order one for myself.

Domenica Ruta

Motherhood can be a crushing disappointment.

Tananarive Due

Stories are dangerous. They can get you killed.

Rosenberg feature
Jordy Rosenberg

“You used terms such as revolutionaries. Comrades. And, most illegally of all: lovers. Unmarried people who fuck each other without the goal of childrening. Well, I was sunk.” A tale of forbidden love in an age when corporations have replaced government.

Lindsay R. Taylor

Life is for living, my dead mother said.