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Tag: Food and Agriculture

Lori Gruen, Alice Crary

The systems that harm animals go hand in hand with systems that harm humans. Combating them requires inter-species solidarity.

Raj Patel

The Global South will suffer the most as colonial legacies, climate change, and capitalism continue to plunge millions into hunger.

Max Haiven
With the invasion causing a global shortage of sunflower oil, palm oil is back on the rise. But the commodity’s bloody history is instructive of how global capitalism can and can’t be fixed.
Nate File
Inspired by the work of James and Grace Lee Boggs, many young Detroit activists are turning to forms of mutual aid to meet the needs of their communities.
John R. Bowen
Food is becoming a target for anti-Islam politics.
Raj Patel
They are fighting in a global war over the future of agriculture. Modi is chocking the debate.
Troy Vettese
In a world unraveled by COVID-19, the brutality of factory farming demands we rethink our relationship to animals.
Troy Vettese
On the lure of climate entrepreneurism.
Jack Heinemann

Biodiversity should be maintained by using it, not by storing it under ice.