Articles tagged with food-and-agriculture

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Jennifer Wheary

Thanks to dairy farmers, there is hope for a sustainable middle class in East Africa.

Sidney W. Mintz

A food anthropologst’s early love affair with Chinese cuisine.

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Edward Miguel

Progress in the world’s poorest region.

Rachel Glennerster Michael Kremer

That people respond to the relative costs and returns of schooling might imply that the poor are optimizing the amount of school they invest in, as predicted in a simple economic model. But evidence suggests that reality is more complex.

Douglas Haynes

While some U.S. politicians won’t even admit climate change exists, Central American political leaders increasingly find the phenomenon impossible to ignore.

Siddhartha Deb

India Is Growing, But Indians Are Still Starving

Catherine Tumber

The role of neglected cities in a sustainable future.

Frank R. Rijsberman

Managing our way out of the water crisis.

Rosamond Naylor Walter Falcon

Without public investment, the food crisis will only get worse.

Sidney W. Mintz

Sugar and fat in American eating.